BALTO print joins Climate Partner organisation

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Although the words ‘green’ and ‘sustainability’ are increasingly emphasised on social media and in the media, many consumers are hesitant to take the step towards a more sustainable life, scared off by the misconception that they will not have the knowledge, skills or resources to do so. A small journey towards conscious consumption and responsible choices can be started now, for example by choosing to publish or read an environmentally friendly book or magazine. “Publications born in BALTO print are already contributing to global climate protection.

More than 4,000 companies around the world have already joined the Climate Partner organisation in order to take action on climate change and reduce the carbon emissions that are unavoidable in supply and production processes. As we are constantly looking for new solutions to help reduce our impact on the environment, we are delighted to be the first printing company in Lithuania to be certified by this leading organisation in climate protection solutions. How does it work? “The Climate Partner platform provides a simple way to offer customers the opportunity to contribute to climate protection by neutralising the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from the production process on the environment. Upon receipt of a client’s request, we use a tool provided by the organisation to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide that will be released into the environment during the project’s implementation, and to offer the possibility of supporting one of a number of projects that neutralise the impact of emissions on the environment. The implementation of the project and the exact amount of carbon dioxide saved is monitored and recorded by independent organisations, which then issue special CO2 reduction certificates. Each sustainably produced and environmentally neutral publication is given a unique tag that directs the customer to the project they have chosen to support.

It’s never too late to start living sustainably! We believe that knowing that a book in your hands has contributed to the preservation of forests in Brazil, and that the birth of your favourite magazine has built additional solar power plants in Namibia, will motivate you to strive to live in such a way that the generations after us will have as much natural resources as we do.