UAB BALTO Print Business Principles for Clients, Suppliers and Partners

Obligations to our employees:


1.1. We ensure compliance with human rights

We respect and protect human rights and freedoms recognized in national and international legal acts. We spread and foster democratic values by following the guidelines set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the International Labour Organization Conventions (including conventions on the prohibition of unacceptable child labour, maternity leave, etc.).

We believe that the basic human rights of children must be protected. We do not use child labour. All our employees must meet the minimum employment age requirements specified in applicable laws (employees in BALTO Print must not be younger than 18 years old). Where local laws permit the employment of persons under the age of 18, we may employ such persons depending on the specifics of the offered work, the person's age, and the required education, if any. When hiring young individuals, we comply with all the laws and other legal acts applicable to these persons.

1.2. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying

We conduct ourselves and communicate with our colleagues, clients, partners, suppliers and other interested parties in a respectful, ethical and professional manner, regardless of nationality, culture, race, religion, political views, financial situation, education, age, sexual orientation, marital status, gender, appearance, and physical or intellectual abilities.

We do not tolerate discrimination, humiliation, harassment, abuse or insults towards our employees or other persons related to our business. Our company treats every employee with dignity and respect, and does not use corporal punishment, threats of violence, or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse. Particular attention is paid to vulnerable groups, including but not limited to women, younger workers, and migrants.

1.3. We comply with the requirements of the Labour Law and ensure equal working and salary conditions

We provide equal employment opportunities and working conditions to all persons, by taking into account the nature of the work. We also apply the same criteria and principles for termination of employment. We ensure compliance with the requirements for work and rest hours. We guarantee a fair salary depending on the performed functions, work quality, and professional skills, which is the same for work of the same or equal value. In addition to the remuneration paid for work hours set out in the employment contract, employees must be compensated for overtime.

We respect the rights of employees to unite and collectively organize legal and peaceful negotiations, without the imposition of fines or any interference. The Company has an established employee Labour Council.

We do not and will not use any forced or involuntary labour.


We take preventive measures to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.  We pay particular attention to the physical working conditions of employees, a positive working environment, as well as continuous professional improvement and growth.

We fulfil our obligations in a timely, high-quality, efficient and considerate manner, in compliance with the laws, other legal acts, and provisions of this Code of Ethics and Conduct. We are experts in our field of business, continuously improving our qualifications, deepening our professional knowledge, and keeping up with novelties.

We respect the right of employees to privacy, and comply with all the personal data protection requirements applicable to the personal data of employees. We also aim to ensure that our employees properly protect any confidential information about clients, partners, suppliers and other interested parties which the employees can access during work.

Obligations to our clients and the public:


We are honest and sincere, we do not lie or mislead, and we adhere to the principle of transparency. In our business, we do not tolerate unfair methods of competition or unlawful actions, such as: spreading misleading information about competitors or their business activities, corruption or bribery for favourable business conditions or decisions, interfering with the business activities of competitors, falsification of financial documents, or tax evasion.


The most important goal and aspiration of the Company is excellent customer service based on top quality products. Impeccable quality of printed books is ensured by polygraphy specialists working in the Company, who have many years of experience and use modern and innovative equipment. We monitor and implement quality requirements in our business processes in order to ensure that our products exceed client expectations and increase the Company's success. Our quality policy is the foundation of daily problem-solving and continuous improvement. The Company has implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system standard.


We are always prepared to assume full liability for the consequences of our actions, decisions or performance. We properly fulfil all our assumed obligations. We also understand that we are responsible for the proper use and confidentiality of information, documents and data provided to us. We use the information provided to us for legitimate and fair purposes only.

We take care of the Company's assets and resources and use them responsibly and efficiently. We do not use them for any illegal and unethical purposes or activities.


We strive to provide and encourage the use of strictly safe solutions for clients, employees and the environment, as well as to implement production innovations that contribute to saving energy costs. We follow the principles of sustainable business. We understand how important it is to protect and conserve the environment, which is why we contribute to public campaigns that draw attention to environmental issues. Our Company has implemented the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard.

Requirements for responsible business

In order to ensure responsible business conduct and close cooperation with suppliers and business partners, we expect our suppliers and partners to systematically comply with the principles of conduct of our business, which include basic human rights, labour rights, anti-corruption and environmental protection requirements.

This declaration does not change our internal policy. Rather, it is considered a guide to help understand the key elements of our policy and how this policy is based on our values.

The Company's business principles are also published on the Company's website, so that all existing or potential partners of the Company would have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with them.