Perfect binding books and publications printing

Perfect Binding cover types

Without flaps

  • Both the block and the cover are trimmed to the same size.

With one flap

  • The cover is more narrow than the block on the fold line. One flap is mostly used for the front cover of solid periodical publications as it creates extra space for advertising material. The cover flap has to be folded before the book is bound.

With two flaps

  • The cover is larger than the block on fold lines. Recently, a cover with two flaps has become very popular among publishers. The flaps leave more space for information, also consolidating the product. Visually, it is an intermediate version between perfect binding and case binding, but this binding requires more preparation.

Perfect Binding block types

Perfect Bound

  • The block's spine is trimmed with a special knife (cutter), roughed up and cover is glued on using hot glue. Magazines, brochures and books are made when they are trimmed to a size. This binding is standard for periodical and popular literature publications.

Sewn in sections

  • A book's block is sewn in sections and glued to its cover. Book that is reinforced with thread is long-lasting, thus this is traditional binding for annual reports, textbooks, exercise books, etc.

Block measurements:

  • Min. 100 x 140 x 3 mm
  • Max. 300 x 300 x 53 mm