Print services


Prepress (Repro, CTP)

Checking the orders

All orders submitted by Clients are checked and processed in the prepress department. If any part of the order does not comply with standard requirements (e.g. wrong colour profiles) and/other discrepancies are noticed which may cause problems in further production, Client is notified and provided with comprehensive information and consultation on how to remove the discrepancies. Afterwards, Soft Proofs are generated and Client has to review and confirm them. A Hard Proof can also be printed upon Client’s request. The system can imitate print on either coated or offset paper.

Imposition, colour separation

After Client has confirmed low-resolution Soft Proofs, imposition and colour separation follows. FujiFilm XMF software is used for these processes.

Computer to plate

After imposition and colour separation, all the data is transferred to form production where plates are made using special CTP form production equipment. iCPlate II measuring equipment is used for form production control.



Finished print forms are placed in printing machines for printing. High quality materials (paper, ink, offset plates) are used for this type of printing. Printing is conducted in 4 CMYK colours, additional colours and varnish are possible according to order specifications.


Postpress (binding, print finishing)

This stage of production includes selecting and arranging printed pages, block trimming, adding covers, binding, followed by a finished product.

Binding types:

Print finishing

BALTO print provides various print finishing services: glossy or matte laminating, foiling, embossing, partial or full UV varnishing.