BALTO print – a high-class printing house

BALTO print – a place where books are born!

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BALTO print is one of the largest book manufacturers (book printing companies) in Baltic states, printing over 800,000 high-quality books every month for prominent Lithuanian and foreign publishers. Flawless print quality is guaranteed by experienced polygraphy specialists and modern and innovative equipment.

BALTO print operates two printing houses in Lithuania and has sales departments not only there, but also in Sweden. Our printing professionals are successfully working in markets of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and many other countries.

The primary aim of BALTO print is excellent customer service based on providing high-quality products. This allows to establish, constantly promote and ensure effective long-term cooperation with both Lithuanian and foreign partners and clients.


Why BALTO print?

  • Professional service
  • Team of printing experts
  • Reliability and guarantees
  • Vast experience in production and project management
  • Strong specialised production base
  • Up-to-date polygraphic equipment
  • Quality materials
  • Automated process control


Facts about BALTO print

  • Specialises in hardcover or paperback books and brochures
  • Sophisticated art and photo albums, reproduction catalogues, publications
  • Production time – from 2 business days to 3 weeks
  • Print run – unlimited.
  • Price – competitive.
  • Quality – the highest.
  • Experience – over a decade of successful business in Lithuania and abroad.
  • Team – experienced professionals.
  • Awards – the printing house is a standing winner of book art contests, awarded as the most innovative printing house by LISPA.
  • Equipment – modern automatic printing and binding equipment.
  • Manufacturing process working time – 24/7.
  • Number of titles produced – over 3 500.
  • Number of books – over 9 700 000.
  • Suppliers – Papyrus Lietuva, Libra Vitalis (Igepa group), Antalis Lietuva, Arctic Paper, Fielig and Schielings GmbH, etc.