Digital embellishment (varnish & foil) for your book covers

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BALTO continues to be proactive, always looking to improve and since 2023 we have been offering premium digital embellishment for book covers and other products.
Coating possibilities include spot UV varnishing, 2D, 3D (from 10 up to 80 microns), braille, pixelated patterns. It can also apply foil in multiple colours (gold, silver, red, hologram foil and other colours), on large surfaces or incredibly fine lines (as thin as 0,5 mm) and shapes, both on matt or gloss laminate. This digital technology makes it possible to run very short runs (even a single copy!), use variable data and react faster to the market as we eliminate the need for a metallic mould.
In an era where environmental awareness is increasingly paramount, the adoption of digital technology marks a pivotal shift towards more sustainable printing solutions. This is at the heart of BALTO printing policy.

This innovative approach eradicates the need for physical printing plates and surplus setup materials, thereby minimising waste. Moreover, the utilisation of UV-curable polymer inks in digital printing processes significantly diminishes the environmental footprint, especially when compared to the inks employed in traditional Screen Printing UV and Foil methods. Characterised by its low waste production, digital technology emerges as an eco-friendly option for companies seeking to reduce their ecological impact without compromising on print quality.