For publishers


Customers submit quotations via e-mail. The estimate is quoted according to specifications. To help customers find the best option, few variations may be quoted with different number of pages, print run, binding types, etc.

Approval of Estimates

The Customer looks through the estimate very closely and approves it for the production via e-mail or phone call specifying quotation ID.

Payment Terms

The Customer decides on payment terms before starting the production process. Only after payment terms are agreed upon and (if) advance is paid, the production will be started.

Uploading PDF Files

The estimate is quoted evaluating that the PDF files have been prepared professionally and are ready for print. Just log in our Insite Prepress Portal and upload the PDF files if you are sure about their quality. Please ask for login information provided for your company. No special software is required, you can log in our server just by using your own computer.

Editing PDF Files

Our team is ready to help if you have no opportunity to prepare print-ready PDF files in a professional way.

Approval of Soft Proof

Firstly, files are uploaded to the Balto Print Insite Prepress Portal When the soft proof is ready, we will ask you to log in the same Job on and carefully review the file before approving it electronically. Please edit the file if needed. We shall start the production only after the order has been approved.


At this point, we shall use all of our technical facilities to produce top-class products and make sure that the final result exceeds your expectations.


Products are delivered via trustworthy logistic companies to the address indicated by you.