Stitched binding publications printing

Wire stitching cover types

Without flaps

  • Both the block and the cover are trimmed to the same size.

With one or two flaps

  • The cover is smaller than the block on the fold line.

Wire stitching binding types

Saddle-stitching on the spine

  • Binding with 1-4 (typically 2) staples. Mostly used for periodical publications, exercise books, advertising material (usually up to 96 pages). This becomes very cost-effective in big quantities.

Side-stitching on the block's side

  • Binding with 1-2 staples. An original alternative to adhesive binding - pages are stitched on the side, with a special case for decorative purposes (produced separately). A book bound in such a way was awarded a "Book art diploma" certificate.

Die-cut stitching

  • A particularly interesting technology - a brochure is wire-stitched and die-cut. Especially popular for decorating various publications for children.

Block measurements

  • Min. 89 x 120 mm
  • Max. 300 x 345 mm
  • Thickness up to 10 mm