BALTO print summary report on Quality management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Year of scope: 2019

BALTO print has taken pride in manufacturing beautiful books since 1996, and is known to be a reliable partner in more than 20 countries. To us, real care means not only providing excellent service and quality, but also sincere commitment to sustainable operations. We commit ourselves to manufacturing, packing and delivery of all kinds of beautiful books in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. BALTO print really cares.

We hold quality management, social responsibility as well as environmentally responsible choice of materials and production methods as complementary factors enforcing our goal: To make our world and our societies a better place to live in. BALTO print acknowledges sustainability as a clear path to success. We encourage and expect all our employees and business partners to commit to our strategy to make it happen.

Quality Management: BALTO print is proactive in understanding and meeting with our customers’ requirements and needs, and we work according to the highest standards and are certified: ISO 14001, 9001, 45001, FSC.

Corporate Social Responsibility: BALTO print is a well-known and respected company which supports various social initiatives within the community we live in, for instance: arts & culture (“Mažasis teatras” and other), leadership conferences, celebration of the recovery of freedom of publishing in Lithuanian language, etc. We take care of our employees health and safety and every year we invest to improve their safety, confort, ergonomy and well-being.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability: BALTO print utilizes paper, energy and other resources as efficiently as possible to minimize waste and supports sustainably managed forests.

  • We work with FSC standards and are happy to see that the number of books under the FSC standard has increased by 8% from 2018 to 2019.
  • Waste is inevitable due to the characteristics of the technological process, but through process improvement and continuous training we have reduced the paper waste by 15% from 2018 to 2019.
  • We reduced the amount of paper usage in administrative operations by 69 tons through information digitalization.
  • We have reduced our total consumption of water by 5% from 5.142 m3 in 2018 to 4.901 m3 in 2019.
  • We have reduced our total consumption of electricity by 13% from 2.573.046 kWh in 2018 to 2.233.529 kWh in 2019.
  • BALTO print uses green energy, as 100% of our electricity comes from renewable resources.
  • We measure and control all our waste. At BALTO print 100% of our waste is sorted and 96% of it is returned for recycling.
  • Our deliveries are carried out by energy efficient EUROV or EUROVI trucks only. When arranging sea freight, we ensure the vessels used fulfil internationally recognized environmental accreditations (e.g. MARPOL 73/78, Clean Shipping Index, Clean Cargo Working Group).
  • BALTO print is helping biodiversity by having a beehive on the roof of our facilities. Not only are our neighbors very happy with that, but we enjoy natural and healthy honey from our BALTO bees.

BALTO print report on Achievement of Targets for Environmental Care:

Targets set for 2019:

  • Goal #1: To reduce electrical energy consumption by 5%.
    Result: Electrical energy consumption reduced by 13% thanks to investments made in new and more efficient equipment.
  • Goal #2: To reduce water consumption by 5%.
    Result: Water consumption reduced by 5%, thanks to internal training and involvement of all BALTO print personnel in rational use of water, as well as investments in new equipment.
  • Goal #3: To increase sorting and recycling of household waste in the offices.
    Result: We are sorting and recycling all waste. This includes e.g. batteries, office paper, lamps, electronic devices.
  • Goal #4: To increase the amount of paper used from guaranteed exemplarily managed forests using FSC standard.
    Result: The total amount of books printed on FSC paper increased by 8%.
  • Goal #5: To increase the awareness of all employees regarding environmental care, rational use of resources, sorting and quality.
    Result: Regular meetings held, audits regularly carried out, internal communication improved.
  • Goal #6: Invest in a new book block manufacturing line which uses less material and energy to produce blocks.
    Result: the new line installed in 2019-06 consumes 3% less lining material and 2.5 times less electricity.

Targets set for 2020:

  • Goal #1: To reduce electrical energy consumption by 5%.
  • Goal #2: To reduce water consumption by 5%.
  • Goal #3: To promote the usage of environmental friendly and FSC certified materials.
  • Goal #4: To improve the working comfort of employees by renovating and enlarging the manufacturing departments canteen.
  • Goal #5: To use the heat of the compressors to heat the premises and thus reducing the consumption of energy for heating for 800 m2.
  • Goal #6: To improve the isolation of the buildings to reduce the need for heating.
  • Goal #7: To join the Book Chain project. Joining the Book chain project ( would allow us to achieve several important goals:
    • forest Sourcing tool will help identify the best paper option for the book in terms of responsible forest sources.
    • information regarding Labour & Environment, Chemicals & Materials will be made easy and transparently available.

BALTO print Corporate policy on the protection of the environment

  • BALTO print takes care of the environment. All our business decisions take into account the impact they may have on the environment. As far as it is possible, we avoid (and when it is not possible, minimize) any harmful impact on the environment.
  • All our employees and business partners must effectively share this aim.
  • BALTO print complies with all applicable European and Lithuanian legislation regarding environmental protection, including ISO 14001 standard.
  • BALTO print collaborates with our Customers and Suppliers in finding environmental friendly solutions applicable to all aspects of our operations.
  • BALTO print supports responsible forestry as a means of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. We are FSC™ certified and we encourage our Customers to choose paper from verified sources.
  • BALTO print actively works to minimize waste and to recycle as much of unavoidable waste as possible. We sort our waste and deliver it to accredited recycling stations.
  • At BALTO print we audit and measure our achievements towards goals for environmental impact on a yearly basis. Our goals are being monitored to make sure we always are on top of or one step ahead of the development


Artūras Karosas, owner and CEO.