Case binding books printing

Case Bound cover types

Case Bound covers

  • Single piece of paper board or binding material*

  • A soft non-edge cover of a single piece paper board is produced very similarly to a perfect bound book cover — the paper board is trimmed to a particular format (1st cover type**), but the book block is bound with endleaf papers glued on. In another case, a single piece of binding material* is glued on a piece of paper board and then trimmed to a particular format (3rd cover type**). Only then the book block is bound.

  • Hard, semi-hard, soft plastic

  • The most durable cover (9th cover type**), resistant to moisture and other environmental factors. Suitable binding for documents, commonly used books, such as the Bible, etc.

Full Binding cover

  • Paper board wrapped with a single piece of paper or a single piece of material*

  • Specific flexible cover is produced with an automatic binding line using paper board instead of a card board, wrapping it with paper (2nd cover type**) or binging material (6th cover type**). It is very practical for textbooks (2nd cover type**). This product weights less then a hard case cover book, but is durable enough for children to use. This type of binding is common for travel guides and pocket tourist-related publications.

  • Hard case basis wrapped with a single piece of paper or a single piece of binding material*

  • A hard case cover is produced when inlay and basis are wrapped with a single piece of paper (4th cover type**) or binding material* (7th cover type**): PVC coating, cloth, etc. This is probably the most popular hard case binding type that makes a book luxurious, solid, long-lasting. A paper cover is usually laminated, occasionally decorated with foil, embossing or spot UV varnish, while books are bound with a marker ribbon. Foam board is often used for notebook production.

Half Binding cover

  • Wrapped with binding material* and paper or different materials

  • Hard case half binding cover is produced when inlay is wrapped with binding material* and basis is wrapped with paper (5th cover type**) or both inlay and basis are wrapped with two different binding materials (8th cover type**). Luxurious books, albums, solid and unique editions, work calendars are often produced in this way. Books are often covered with a dust jacket. Occasionally, covers are decorated with foil or embossing, dust jackets - with spot UV varnish.

Case Bound block types

Perfect Case Bound

  • The block is cut and glued only.

Case Bound

  • The block is sewn in sections and then glued.
Block measurements

  • Min. 101 x 140 x 3 mm
  • Max. 300 x 350 x 80 mm

  • leather
  • PVC
  • paper

* coatings include special marerials used for producing case bound covers. ** cover types are classified in reference to Professor Stefanov's classification.