Hardcover books

Top quality binding - hardcover books - this is the strongest and most luxurious type of binding, which gives to the book  giving the book representativeness and solidity and longer durability.

Hard cover book could be covered with printed paper, textured paper, PVC/PU leather, canvas. This type of book binding is mostly used for fiction books, art albums, solid, unique publications, agenda books, scientific publications. Hardcover books could be additionally covered with wrapper.

We can offer print run from 1 unit to unlimited.

Additional finishing options:

• UV varnishing;
• partial varnishing;
• lamination with gloss, matt, soft touch film;
• printing on block sides
• foiling;
• embossing.

Additional services:

• inserting flyers;
• sticker sticking;
• packaging to plastic pouch, shrink film, grouping;


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